Ambassador Tour

Ambassador Tour – Thank you all

To all the Corps’ and individual Chaplains we visited: Thank you so much for sharing your time and breaking bread with us. We felt so welcome with every one of you. We hope this can become something that happens on a regular basis. Many of you we know from phone calls or e-mails or a […]

Ambassador Tour – Nevada

The last stop on the Ambassador Tour 2016 was to meet Chaplain Misty in Nevada. We had a good conversation time as we enjoyed a spectacular breakfast in her hometown. We talked a little bit about what is going on nationally and she was interested in getting in touch with other IFOC Chaplains in her […]

Ambassador Tour – Tucson, AZ

Our last Corps visit was with the Tucson Community Chaplain Corps, in Arizona. We spent time with Board first, listening to ways the National Office could improve contact with the Corps. We had a good question and answer time, and a great time just listening about their ministries in the community. The second part of […]

Ambassador Tour – Albuquerque, NM

Our next stop on the IFOC Ambassador Tour was in Albuquerque, NM. There were about 18 Chaplains that attended a Pizza and Salad picnic in a local park. We had a great time meeting and talking with fellow Chaplains while we were eating. The Albuquerque Regional Community Chaplain Corps has been through two very significant […]

Ambassador Tour – Rehoboth, NM

Our next stop was to see Chaplain Kevin in Rehoboth NM. Kevin teaches at Rehoboth Christian School. The surrounding county is listed in the thirty lowest per capita income counties in the United States. Serving students, graduates and families in this small community surrounded by the Navajo Nation provides him many opportunities to use his […]

Ambassador Tour – Telluride, CO

The sixth location on the Ambassador Tour was in Telluride, Colorado. IFOC is having a class there in September. We were welcomed by the class host, Angie, and stayed at her home in the mountains. It was breath taking, with snowcapped peaks on all sides and sheep grazing on the hillsides. We met with the […]

Ambassador Tour – Taos, NM

The fifth stop on the IFOC Ambassador Tour 2016 was to Sangre De Cristo Chaplain Corps, Taos, NM. They have their hands full. They serve over 2200 sq. miles, several mountain passes, 5 eco zones and lots of windy mountain roads. They are a rural County with Taos being the County seat with 25,000 in […]

Ambassador Tour – Belton, TX

The fourth stop on the IFOC Ambassador Tour 2016 was to Belton, Texas. The IFOC Heart of Texas Chaplain Corps’ primary focus is providing CISM services to the communities they serve. In conjunction with the Frontline Chaplain Corps located in Frisco, TX, they provide the coordination for their IFOC State CISM team which currently provides […]

Ambassador Tour – Frisco, Texas

Our third stop on the I.F.O.C. Ambassador Tour brought us to Frisco, Texas and the I.F.O.C. Frontline Chaplain Corps. This Corps is a very dedicated and fast growing Corps. They are working together in partnership with Texas Department of State Health Services, Texas Critical Incident Stress Management, Texas VOAD, and Fundamental Foundations Counseling Center. If […]

Ambassador Tour – Arlington, Texas

The second stop on the IFOC Ambassador Tour 2016 brought us to the home of Mike and Ruth in Arlington, Texas. Mike has been a Chaplain with IFOC since 2014 and spends his time volunteering in the jail, prison system and one hospital in the area. IFOC is honored that he is a part of […]