New Mexico Chaplain

Ambassador Tour – Rehoboth, NM

Our next stop was to see Chaplain Kevin in Rehoboth NM. Kevin teaches at Rehoboth Christian School. The surrounding county is listed in the thirty lowest per capita income counties in the United States. Serving students, graduates and families in this small community surrounded by the Navajo Nation provides him many opportunities to use his Chaplaincy skills. In fact the day Kevin received his IFOC Credentials in the mail he was called by a student to a local hospital for a family emergency. The hospital would not admit him to see the family until he showed his IFOC ID.

As in many Native American societies, there is a high level of alcohol abuse which leads to a host of other troubles including a high suicide rate. Because of this, many families and individuals live in continual crisis. The Word of God, the IFOC training, CISM classes, and understanding many of the cultural traditions and customs of the local tribes have been vital tools for Kevin to have in order to serve and share the love of Christ effectively with those in need. He uses his Chaplaincy training in his teaching, pastoral counseling, and in his day to day interactions with students and families who are struggling. He also relies on a network of community resources, including faith based, for referrals and follow up.

Kevin utilizes a network of IFOC Chaplains in New Mexico for support-prayer, emotional and counsel.

Kevin has opportunities to plant many seeds and he and his family are doing that very well.

Kevin and Carrie and the three little ones, we are so proud of the difference you have made in your community. We also want to thank you for the warm welcome you gave us and the wonderful home cooked meal.

Kevin & family, may God Bless you and meet all your needs.