Ambassador Tour – Thank you all

To all the Corps’ and individual Chaplains we visited: Thank you so much for sharing your time and breaking bread with us. We felt so welcome with every one of you. We hope this can become something that happens on a regular basis. Many of you we know from phone calls or e-mails or a name or picture on our database, but this has brought us face to face, it has begun a true friendship with those we serve. We will never forget this time with you.

We take very seriously your advice in how we can increase the quality of our service to you and as we go forward, and believe you will recognize those suggestions put into action over the next few months.

Thank you all so much for a life changing summer, in the presence of extraordinary people showering us and all those they serve, with the Lord’s love.

Thank you Chaplain Lisa for all the hard work packing up the store to take with us and covering the phones and everything else you have done to prepare for this adventure.

In His Service,

Chaplains Wayne and Sue Williams