Tucson Community Chaplain Corps

Ambassador Tour – Tucson, AZ

Our last Corps visit was with the Tucson Community Chaplain Corps, in Arizona. We spent time with Board first, listening to ways the National Office could improve contact with the Corps. We had a good question and answer time, and a great time just listening about their ministries in the community.

The second part of our visit was with the Corps Members. Chaplain Wayne Williams took some time to discuss what is going on at the National Office. There was discussion on how the National Office can work more closely with Corps and how important the Corps are to the future of this organization as a whole.

This Corps is a part of COAD and VOAD for disaster response. Some volunteer with the Red Cross as ERV drivers, handing out warm meals in a disaster area.  The Corps is also are part of an Integrated Care Group. The Corps ministers in the jails and Bridge Home.

This group gave us some great ideas of how we can better serve them at a local level and we look forward to integrating this information into a better communication plan for the whole organization.

Thank you for your hard work in the community, your candidness about how the National Office can better serve you and thank you Georgia and Bart for your time of personal ministry to Wayne and I.

We really enjoyed breaking bread together and just getting to know each other. Dorothy, touched my heart with the joy she has with the Lord each day. Waking up so excited about what He is going to do each day. Everyone made us feel loved and well cared for.  May God continue to pour out His Blessings on this Corps so that they may pour it out in their community and across the nation.

Thank you for your service and love.