covid update

COVID-19 Update

Our Chaplains are committed to providing the best and safest care possible during the COVID-19 crisis. We were made to serve and respond in “such as time as this.”

4-8 COVID-19

Video message from Chaplain Larry Burden

4-2 COVID-19

Texas’s governor issued an executive order putting restrictions in place on travel and essential businesses that affect the I.F.O.C. headquarters until April 30th, 2020.  The order is very similar to the county order that was already in place so it will not greatly change headquarter’s ability to continue to provide the usual services that the […]

4-1 COVID-19

Video message from Chaplain Gale Yandell on ministering as a Chaplain during this time.

3-27 COVID-19

Video message from I.F.O.C.’s president, Wayne Williams

3-25 COVID-19

In response to the continuing threat of the COVID-19 virus, I.F.O.C., along with the class host locations, are rescheduling all Chaplain classes through April.  Students enrolled in these classes will be receiving a phone call to alert them of this, and the opportunity to either attend the rescheduled class (once dates are known) or attend […]

3-24 COVID-19

The local county where the I.F.O.C. offices are located issues a  Shelter in Place order last night.  Due to this, I.F.O.C. headquarters’ staff are now working remotely from home starting this morning.  We will continue to answer the phones during business hours and will continue to be available to help our Chaplains during this time. […]

3-23 COVID-19

3-18 COVID-19

Letter from the Director of Disaster Response & Executive Director of Corps Communication that was emailed. Click Here

3-16 COVID-19

Following the Presidential announcement to restrict group gatherings to ten or less and being notified that several venues were not going to be available any longer, the I.F.O.C. Management Team will be rescheduling the Franklin, NJ 3-23-2020, Tucson, AR 3-23-2020, and the Albuquerque, NM 3-30-2020 classes. The dates on the website will be updated with […]

3-12 COVID-19

The I.F.O.C. Management Team is actively monitoring the developments with the coronavirus across the nation. Staff are reviewing the situations in each community a class is scheduled in on a daily basis. Should it become necessary to make any changes to any currently scheduled class, I.F.O.C. will respond accordingly and communicate expediently with all registered […]