covid update

3-24 COVID-19

The local county where the I.F.O.C. offices are located issues a  Shelter in Place order last night.  Due to this, I.F.O.C. headquarters’ staff are now working remotely from home starting this morning.  We will continue to answer the phones during business hours and will continue to be available to help our Chaplains during this time.  I.F.O.C. is also continuing the online webinar Chaplain classes without interruption.  Store orders, application processing, and renewal card processing will be delayed for the next two weeks while the local state and county governments decide how long this order will last.  I.F.O.C. management will evaluate our ability to return to the office to print and mail those off by April 3rd.  Please be aware that the remote staff that are working from home currently only represent a percentage of the staff normally at hand to answer the phones, etc.  It may take us a few more minutes than normal to return calls, etc during this time.  Thank you for your understanding as we work to timely serve our Chaplains, students, and customers during this order.  As Chaplains we are all called to remain flexible in difficult moments and situations.  We are certainly all living in a time where, “Man can plan his steps but God directs his path.”  Let’s continue to encourage and pray for each other and for this virus to end.  Blessings, ~Brian Guinther