What’s so unique about becoming an IFOC Chaplain?

You have a dream to be the hands and feet of Jesus beyond the four walls of the church. You can see how to accomplish this dream – become a Chaplain in order to reach out to those in need with tangible help, care, and a listening ear. Now you’re ready to take the steps to see this dream become a reality by obtaining chaplaincy certification.

But this first step is the hardest. With so many options of chaplain certification, we know the road to becoming a chaplain can be confusing. It’s difficult to find the right fit. How do you choose the right program for you?

The more time you spend researching chaplaincy training programs, the longer it takes to start making the impact your heart desires. People are hurting. Communities in need are waiting. Don’t lose any more time confused about the options.

For Christians who are tired of sitting on the sidelines and are ready to directly impact their community outside the walls of a church, I.F.O.C. may be the right fit for you.

What makes I.F.O.C. Chaplaincy training and credentials right for me?

Training designed for immediate impact

Most other chaplaincy programs represent two extremes. They either require 60+ credit hours of graduate-level classes or they simply send you a badge requiring nothing but a credit card. They offer no training, no support, and no credibility.

I.F.O.C. provides a better option.

“If you want more than a piece of paper, but don’t want to spend the next three years of your life in school, then I.F.O.C is the best choice.”

Our program offers a rigorous curriculum designed to equip you with all of the tools you need to make a significant and successful impact. You aren’t sent without the proper training, which could do more harm than good. Yet, you don’t have to put your life on hold to gain what you need to be a confident, compassionate Chaplain. I.F.O.C. chaplaincy training takes place in one intensive week or through 31 days of at-your-pace online modules.

Experience you can lean on

You’re active in your church and hope that chaplaincy will help you take your serving and community involvement to the next level.

What you need in a chaplaincy training program is to learn from people who have actually served on the front lines as real chaplains. Our instructors have over 80 years of combined experience as chaplains in the field. They know what you need to know from firsthand experience and share their wisdom to ensure the material goes from your head to your heart.

As a Chaplain, you may find yourself ministering to someone who has experienced domestic violence. You may be sitting across the table from someone who has just heard of the death of a loved one. Or you may be clearing the debris from a natural disaster with someone who has lost everything. In these moments, you won’t want lofty ideas or book knowledge. You will be thankful for the concrete tools and real-life application you’ve received from I.F.O.C.

“Many well-meaning Christians don’t realize they’re speaking a different language than the people they’re trying to help. People in crisis don’t want rhetoric. They want action. Our training prepares you to work with people outside the church in a way that meets them where they are. I.F.O.C. chaplaincy helps you understand how to reach them as the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Authority that provides access

Your calling deserves the right credentialing. I.F.O.C. chaplaincy provides the best opportunity for impact because it opens the right doors for you to step into your calling. To get legitimate access to people in need, you must have the proper credentials. Seminary programs don’t provide the specific credentials required. Many online chaplaincy certificates don’t have the right backing to be taken seriously.

The I.F.O.C. chaplaincy program provides licensing and ordination options that are recognized and respected by many faith-based and secular organizations. I.F.O.C partners with numerous national and international agencies like ICISF and NVOAD. Our licensing is valid in all 50 states. We give you the opportunity and respect to get where a ministry degree or self-credentialing chaplaincy program can’t take you.

We have over 1,700 Chaplains serving across the world making a direct impact.

Is I.F.O.C. right for you?

Our program provides real training to equip you to serve quickly, legitimately, and successfully.

There are many options out there. But if you want to show the love of Jesus in a way that makes a real impact on those who need it most, then I.F.O.C is the right choice for you. Don’t wait any longer to start serving the way you feel called.