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Volunteer vet honored for service

A stroke meant the end of Keith Overby’s career as an Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy, but the beginning of volunteer opportunities throughout the community.

“That stroke retired me, but I didn’t give up,” said Overby of Springfield Township, 64, who had a stroke while on duty at the Independence Township Substation near Thanksgiving in 2014.

The University of Michigan honored him for one of his volunteer assignments, with their Buddy-to-Buddy Veterans Program. Overby is their November 2016 Volunteer of the Month for his work with vets.
“I’m humbled and honored after a long medical recovery,” said Overby.

He has been a volunteer with the program for more than a year, assisting service members and veterans with finances, benefits, legal issues, education, and health, family, and emotional concerns.

Clarkston News Editor

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