Temple, TX Tornado Deployment


On May 22nd, 2024, Temple, TX, was hit by two tornados that caused significant damage to the city. Temple is where I.F.O.C.’s international headquarters is located. As a result of these storms, 85,000 residents lost power, roofs, and several of their homes and businesses. Due to the extent of the damage, many neighborhoods remained without power for many days. I.F.O.C. responded by providing food that did not need electricity to prepare for impacted families. I.F.O.C. Chapalins provided 150 bags of groceries that weekend and additional food through a second food drive two weeks later. A special thank you to our Chaplains who participated (including those from our Houston, Galveston, and Austin areas) for all their hard work and to those who donated to serve our community. We are so proud of everyone who helped!