Jeannie Guinther

Board of Directors – Executive Management Team, Executive Corps Liaison

Jeannie and her husband Brian live in Central Texas. They are the proud parents of 6 children and 2 grandchildren.  Jeannie has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Colorado Christian University.  Jeannie serves in the I.F.O.C. as the Corps Liaison as well as the Store Manager.  Along with her husband Brian, and IFOC’s Regional Command Team, she supports IFOC Corps and helps mentor staff in the servant leadership model, focusing on relationship as the core value of any solid team.  Jeannie is the Commander for the IFOC Heart of Texas Chaplain Corps and servers as a critical incident specialist and team leader on IFOC’s CISM Team. Jeannie has a heart for helping people process trauma and helping people truly believe what the Word of God says about who they really are.