Indian Bible College and IFOC Training

Indian Bible College (IBC), located in Arizona exists to disciple and educate Indigenous Native Christians for biblical ministry and spiritual leadership to their people and the world. Throughout its history, IBC has graduated over 120 students. 

International Fellowship of Chaplains (I.F.O.C.) based in Temple, TX provides credentialing and training to maintain a workable and beneficial relationship between the Secular & Religious sectors of society for the purpose of ministry in the workplace. 

Indian Bible College has built a college course that incorporates IFOC training into the class’s curriculum. The class debuts in the 2020 fall semester. Students who take the class will receive college credits.

“We’re thrilled that students who attend Indian Bible College will not only be able to learn the skills of being an I.F.O.C. Chaplain, but also be eligible to obtain credentials and continue using those skills year after year.” Brian Guinther, the CFO & Executive Director of Corps at IFOC stated.

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