Mary Hendrix

Management Support Team – Administrative Assistant

Mary is a Senior Chaplain with the Heart of Texas Chaplain Corps where she serves as the Corps Community Outreach Coordinator as well as Administrative Assistant for I.F.O.C. Corporate Office.  Mary has a Masters in Theology from FMTU in San Diego, California. She was a hospice chaplain for over 20 years and held the position of Head of Spiritual Care the last 5 years in the San Diego area until she retired in 2016 and moved with her husband Ron, who is also a Senior Chaplain, to Central Texas to be closer to family.

Mary has a desire to provide chaplain support by serving the Law Enforcement Community. She was the first female to bring chaplaincy to the Escondido Police Department in San Diego for over 6 years.   Mary has since joined the Belton Police Department and the Bell County Communication Center as a Chaplain.