Chris Bieze


Chris Bieze is currently the Chief Financial Officer for the I.F.O.C. and is a member of the Heart of Texas Chaplain Corps.  He is responsible for fiscal oversight of the I.F.O.C. as well as serving all of the ministry’s Corps with financial reports and matters.  He and his wife of nineteen years have nine children ranging in ages from 18 to 3 years old, twins.  Chris is a Master Peace Officer and career Law Enforcement Officer in the great state of Texas with close to 23 years of experience. He has served in multiple positions, from a line officer to the Chief of Police.  Chris comes from a family of law enforcement officers and would say that law enforcement is his family’s chosen profession. He is also a certified law enforcement trainer in many areas. Chris is a certified Mental Health Peace Officer as well as a certified Hostage Negotiator.