Hurricane Gustav Thank You

Dear Chaplain Robertson,

In the early morning hours of September 1, 2008, Hurricane Gustav began to make its way onto the coast of Louisiana. By the time it passed two days later our area had sustained serious damage from Gustav’s winds and rain. Most areas were out of power and many of our residents were unable to remain in their homes due to trees crashing through their roofs.

Within days the National Guard arrived with much needed water, food and other necessary supplies. By this time the officers of my department had worked around the clock clearing roadways, working intersections and protecting lives and property. Needless to say they were very tired. The word that a major distribution point was going to be located in our city was welcomed news and somewhat discouraging at the same time since the opportunity for officers to have a few hours of down time was now a thing of the past.

Although the National Guard troops performed a tremendous service by bringing in the supplies and assisting with the distribution, there were not enough of them to carry on those duties throughout the hot and humid Louisiana summer days.

When it appeared that having enough personnel to service the hundreds of people who were seeking basic supplies was going to be a major issue, a contingent of International Fellowship of Chaplains, who had already been working with our patrol officers, shows up. These chaplains rolled up their sleeves, picked up the supplies and began distributing the many, many cases of water, M.R.E.’s, ice and tarps. They worked hours upon hours serving the needs of the truly needy.

These chaplains were a blessing to me, my department and the many they helped. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them. There is no way to thank chaplains Terry Duncan, Chaplain Red, Tara Dorroh, Chaplain Chuck, Denese Ganley and Darrell Robertson. I know that their reward awaits them in heaven.

Being a minister and spreading God’s word can take many forms. To me, the most effective ministry is when Christians care for one another, and especially care for those who don’t know Christ. It was a lesson Jesus clearly taught us through his life and death on the cross. I.F.O.C.’s chaplains brought that lesson to Denham Springs, Louisiana, and they will always be remembered for it.

May God richly bless and keep each of you.

Jeff Wesley
Chief of Police
Denham Springs Police Department

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