Haiti Response Update # 4

Dear IFOC,

The advance team has been on the ground now for 4 days. We made an initial assessment of the situation and have been working on logistics, communications and security to carry out our operations. Our base camp is operating on a 5 acre compound. Because of the instability of the situation we have been praying over the issue of security. I believe the Lord answered our prayers for by providing us with the General of the US Army Southern Division who will now share the compound with us and will certainly make relief efforts easier.

We are in the process of securing resources and supplies from various sources and will eventually begin satellite relief operations in Leogane, the epicenter of the quake. When we were there 2 days ago we drove 4 hours through complete destruction and there were no relief agencies in site. We visited several orphanages that had very limited supplies. Early this morning the school directors here were able to get 25 orphans who have been in the adoption process on a plane to America.Today we responded to locals who were getting text messages from people who were still trapped under rubble. We were able to with the help of French search and rescue teams locate 2 survivors and. Many more were beyond help. As I write this update my clothes still stink of rotting flesh.

Team 2 will be arriving tomorrow night to set up the main pillars of the camp with worship and prayer, chaplaincy, food operations, and additional communications. We have also been notified that we have trained security operatives being deployed to assist us with security on transport and convoys. After the camp the camp is secure and logistics is in place we will have the ability to provide mass care to the people of Haiti. Primarily the main focus here has been treating urgent medical needs and search and rescue. Most of Haiti is concrete construction and when the earthquake hit it caused very serious injuries and it making rescue difficult.

The relief efforts will be continuing for quite some time. We want to thank everyone for their continued prayer and support. I believe we will see God do amazing things through His church here and Haiti and we are trusting we will see the harvest come in.
You can help by:

  • making a financial contribution online
  • Pray for the CRI team and the people of Haiti
  • Respond with us if you have been trained- mobilization@criout.com
    We will be hosting a two day rapid training and deployment to Haiti on 1/31-2/1. The training will be held in Kansas City and we will then mobilize those teams of responders over the next few weeks. Please check the website for more information or email training@criout.com

IFOC Chaplain Sean Malone
Crisis Response International
5206 east 135th Grandview, MO. 64030

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